fotoPROSAN services are applied to a broad spectrum of construction projects in all markets. Equally adapt at high-rise and low-rise construction, new construction and renovation, the firm has succesfully served owners on a repeat basis for office projects, industrial plants, health care facilities, hotels, multi-use developments, residential properties and cultural buildings.

In all instances, the projects and the owner’s requirments dictate PROSAN’s formulation of services appropriate to the construction challenge. PROSAN applies management systems such as critical path scheduling and fast track method and continual computerized budget monitoring as dictated by the nature of the project and the PROSAN services best suited to it.


PROSAN project managers have been involved in projects in every area of Turkey and in literally scores of countries on virtually every continent.

Construction Management

fotoPROSAN’s construction management services begin with the design phase and continue on through management of the project on a day-to-day basis to completion of the final punch list.

Working as an extension of the client’s in house staff, PROSAN professionals carefully analyze all plans and often suggest alternative materials or methods of construction that better meet the owner’s needs. The team compiles the budgets, schedules the projects, solicits bids from subcontractors, awards the contracts, and superintends the construction.

Construction Consulting

fotoPROSAN’s construction consulting covers a range of options. Standard consulting focuses onpreconstruction planning, the point when estimating, scheduling, budgeting, and purchasing are occuring.

During the construction phase, PROSAN professionals monitor the actual building process.

Under another consulting option, PROSAN serves as the owner’s representative throughout the entire construction process. Functioning as an in-house project manager, a senior PROSAN professional provides a complete management and control system, including retaining and monitoring the
architect, engineers, recommendations for alternative materials and/or building techniquies,
if necessary, and providing the overall budget and schedule. As owner’s representative,
PROSAN solicits bids, handles the buy-out, and monitors the construction contract through the final punch list.

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